12 Part-Time Business Ideas You Can Start Today

12 Part-Time Business Ideas You Can Start Today
12 Part-Time Business Ideas You Can Start Today

We are living where everyone is wanted to become reach even they have a job. They start a second business which they called Part-Time Business to earn more money or to stable themselves in society.

By doing a part-time business you can earn more income to achieve your goal even mostly people enjoy their part-time job much more than their full-time job.

So, I come up with a list of part-time business ideas which helps you to be more stable.

1)    Home Tutor:

If you like teaching, you can work as a home tutor by teaching children. You can either call children to your home or you can pick up a few students and you can spend 2-3 hours in a day and teach them at students’ home. This is a good part-time business idea for college students and housewives.

2)    Arts and Crafts:

If you like creativity, you can work at home on arts and crafts. You can do several things including photo mugs and plates business by spending a few hours in a day. This would be a good idea for people who would like to explore new things and are interested in creativity.

3)    Sell items through e-Bay:

If you like trading (buying and selling), you should choose this business idea. You can sell several things on e-Bay. There are several good options where you need not own anything and you can buy them online and sell them to the people who are looking for such products.

4)    Yoga Trainer:

If you are retired, you can choose this as a part-time business idea. You can work as a Yoga trainer in a community hall or school premises during morning or evening hours and make money. Due to severe work pressure, everyone is looking for physical exercise and yoga classes. This would be a good idea for individuals who retired and who cannot go around the places to earn money.

5)    Part-time photography:

If you love photography, you can choose this as a part-time business. You can plan for wedding photography or photography for special events where you can spend a few hours and earn money.

6)    Train people on what you know:

If you have any expert skills, you can spend a few hours in a day and earn money. It includes any specific domain knowledge, functional knowledge, expertise in technical skills like Java, Dot net, etc.

7)    Financial Advisor:

Many people spend their evenings for a few hours advising people on how an individual needs to do their financial planning and investments. I specifically spend a few hours a week and earn a few thousand rupees in India by doing this as a part-time business. I felt this would be good for those who are retired as they would have gained vast knowledge in managing money and investments.

8)    Event Planning:

If you can create fun at a party or event, you can consider this as a part-time business idea. There would be specific events conducted by schools, colleges, companies, etc. where you can create fun and plan the event well and earn money.

9)    Write articles and make money:

If you are good at writing skills, you can consider this part-time business idea. There are several magazines and newspapers which provide an opportunity for writing articles part-time. You can also write on hubpages.com or Squidoo.com and earn money. The good part is there is no restriction on how many articles you need to write.  Depending on the quality of articles, you would get money.

10)    Earn money by uploading videos to YouTube:

If you like photo shooting and can do some creative videos, this business idea would suit you better. You can create videos, upload them to YouTube and start earning money. There are more than 10 ways where you can earn money after you upload the videos to YouTube.

11)    Catering Service:

There are small events or birthday occasions where people prefer to order food from catering services. If you can prepare good food, you can get orders and execute by spending a few hours in a week. This would be a good part-time business idea who loves food.

12)    Stitching clothes:

You can spend a few weeks and get trained on how to stitch clothes. Once you learn, you can start stitching clothes. You can do this as a part-time business and make a good amount of money. This would be best suitable for house-wives who get few hours free time in a day.